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The iWrite Buzz Competition

iWrite is being engaged in a writing buzz competition sponsored by The StoryPotter.

Theme: iWriters are to write a three-paragraph story of how a death row character made their way there. And to do so using the second person POV.

It doesn't necessarily have to be grim, sad tales. Think humor, think romance, think unprecedented circumstances that could land your character on a death row.

Be creative, have fun!

To participate, iWriters are to post their buzzes here and you, the amazing readers have the power to choose the winning buzz. All you have to do is read the stories posted and rate the one you think is best by liking it. The most liked/rated buzz wins a prize. You're free to comment and share as well.

Have fun reading and rating!


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By: Kanero Nzeoma


You lay strapped to the gurney with heart monitors stuck to your chest and two needles inserted into your arms. You stared at the white spotless ceiling and you thought about Tiana. You hoped she could find a way to forgive you for everything and be happy again. You looked at the mirror; you knew some witnesses were behind it, watching. You thought about your daughter, you couldn't wait to be with her and make up for all the times you were absent. You heard a faint sound, you wondered what that was. You felt your body shutting down. You yawned and knew you were about to be put to sleep – one you would not wake up from. You thought about your boss, she was rotting in hell. Tiana would be so proud. You smiled and welcomed the darkness.

You stood in that little box looking at the judge square in the face, you were prepared for anything. You could see his lips moving, you've been found guilty and have been sentenced to death. You heard a scream behind you; it covered the sound of the gavel kissing the sound block. Tiana was in a black veil screaming through her tears, she looked mad with grief. First, she lost her only daughter a month ago – which was your fault, and now, she was going to lose you too, in one of the worst ways ever. If only you didn't try to play hero and try to disarm the robber, the gun wouldn't have gone off and your sweet little girl would still be alive. It was all her fault; she kept you away from your family, all because she caught you with your hand in the cookie jar of her company's finance and if you wanted to stay away from jail, you had to be whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. It doesn't matter anymore though, she was dead now and she won't boss you around anymore.

You removed the pillow from her face and stared at her – the woman who had torn you away from your family. The terror and shock were still visible on her lifeless face. Tiana would be so proud; you finally got your balls back. You were only sorry it had to take two deaths to man up. You were not sorry for the second death; honestly, you didn't give two fucks about it. But the first death, it should've been avoided. You only desperately wanted to show up.


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